Upstate Guard Worth Watching This Season

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story on Kelvin Agee from upstate New York ...

Niagara Falls High School has produced some pretty impressive players over the past few years including such stars as Paul Harris and Tyrell Lynch. There are many other notable players to mention but this year's current crop is impressive too.

A player to watch is guard Kelvin Agee, 6-foot-2. Kelvin is a 2008 prospect and is considered by the coaching staff at Niagara Falls High School as worthy of division one interest.

According to the coaching staff at Niagara Falls High School in New York, Agee just turned 16 years old. He is athletic and can jump, enabling him to be a defensive factor too in blocking shots.

Agee has two years remaining left on the high school level to gain some weight and strength in his body.

The coaching staff at Niagara Falls said that Buffalo and Niagara have been showing early interest in Agee's skills. Niagara Falls always plays a tough schedule so this should benefit Agee's progress over the next two seasons.

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