A Look At The Game Of Playaz Guard

A look at the individual game of Cameron Ayers who plays for Jimmy Salmon's basketball program ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-3

WEIGHT: 165 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, Pennyslvania

AAU PROGRAM: Playaz Basketball Club of New Jersey


POSITIONS: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

CLASS: 2010, A sophomore

STRENGTHS: Cameron has a high basketball I Q. He is also a great defender and a good shooter

AREA TO IMPROVE: Cameron needs to be more assertive on offense

EVALUATION: Cameron is a son of a coach. Randy Ayers is an assistant with the Philadelphia 76ers and undoubtedly is a strong hold and influence on his son.

When we asked coach Ayers about recruiting, the former Ohio State head coach stated: "He is young we will see how he developes."

Cameron also has an older brother who plays at Notre Dame. He is a player to keep an eye on over the next two seasons. Currently, Ayers' individual game is fundamentally strong. Next his talent will start to take over and the fundamentals will never leave. Having Randy Ayers as his father has to give him an advantage.

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