A Look At The Game Of Playaz Standout

Reporters Mike Sullivan and Frank Mantesta have a story on Brian Oliver ...

Brian Oliver, a 6-foot-7, 216-pound swingman from William Penn High School in New Castle, Pennsylvania, competed this past weekend with the Playaz Junior team.

Oliver, who is highly regarded in the class of 2009, is a current junior who has a smooth jumper and some solid athletic skills.

"He's one of our best players," said Playaz Club program director Jimmy Salmon.

Oliver has plenty of high division one interest in his skills too. Salmon mentioned a few and Oliver told reporter Frank Mantesta some others as well. The list includes Maryland, Georgetown, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Miami of Florida, Xavier of Ohio, and Baylor.

Oliver nor Salmon mentioned a favorite in Brian's recruiting process. However, Oliver did state he plans on visiting West Virginia on October 20th.

FRANK MANTESTA'S VIEW OF BRIAN OLIVER'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: STRENGTHS: Brian possesses a good handle and can shoot the three-pointer. He is a great defender who can get up and block shots.


EVALUATION: Brian said coaches' have expressed interest in him playing the two slot, the shooting guard position.

At his size (6-foot-6, 6-foot-7) and able to defend and block shots, Oliver would be a nice addition to any college basketball program. He is a tremendous shooter with just a terrific all around game.

*Reporter Frank Mantesta contributed to this story and watched Oliver play at IS8 along with Mike Sullivan this past weekend

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