New Jersey Sophomore Worth Watching

Reporter Mike Sullivan has story on Trevor Clemmings ...

Jimmy Salmon's Playaz Club of New Jersey had a terrific run in the IS8 Fall League with three teams performing in great fashion.

His program is filled with talent and a lot of young players who are considered among the best players in the sophomore range especially.

A player to watch over the next few seasons is Trevor Clemmings, a 6-foot-6, 240-pound forward from Paterson Catholic High School in Paterson, New Jersey.

Trevor had a solid IS8 Fall League and was a big reason why the Playaz sophomore team did so well.

The power forward showed the ability to score around the rim and do it against older and more experienced players.

His skill level is still in the early stages and this is encouraging too since he is physical and strong enough to overcome this area. But he is likely to be a more consistent scorer as the raw part of his game starts to mature.

Below is Frank Mantesta's evaluation of Clemmings' individual game. Both Mike Sullivan and Mantesta had a chance to watch Clemmings in action at IS8 a few times over the past two months:

EVALUATION: Trevor is a sophomore with a man's body. At IS8 vs Kevin Jones and others that are considered division one prospects, he was able to finish with dunks.

Currently, everything he does offensively is accomplished with brute force. He needs to improve his low post moves. As he does this over the next few seasons, his ability to score will become more consistent.

His best days are ahead of him. He is likely to end up with several division one offers by the time he is finished playing high school basketball.

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