New York Big Man Should Have Huge Impact

Reporter Mike Sullivan has story on Christian Morris and his impact ...

Over the past couple of years, Fred Hill and the Rutgers basketball staff have done a terrific job in landing some important parts in their future success. Among them include big man Christian Morris, currently at South Kent in Connecticut.

Morris, 6-foot-9 and 270 pounds, is a player who has soft hands but has the ability to overpower defenders around the rim. He is a player that will have a big impact for the Scarlet Knights.

"Big men are important in any program," said East Coast based scout Tom Konchalski. "Christian should be a player that helps Rutgers from the time he steps foot on campus."

A member of the 2008 class, Morris was heavily recruiting not only by Rutgers but by several other high division one programs. What Morris brings is size for sure but also puts an exclamation point on their recruiting class.

Below is a scouting report that was put together by Mike Sullivan and also includes thoughts from Frank Mantesta and Brian Towey of the Scout New York high school website:

STRENGTHS OF CHRISTIAN MORRIS' INDIVIDUAL GAME: Christian's overall improvement in his individual game was obvious. He was more confident with his moves in the low post and seemed to be more consistent in his production on the offensive size.

With is power and strength, it is hard to move Christian off the low blocks. Christian will benefit from a good perimeter game and the Rutgers guards should also gain with a signficant threat in the low post.

CONCLUSION: Morris is a great signing by Hill and the Rutgers basketball program. He has tremendous upside to his game and he will improve under Hill and being at a place where he can also focus on weight training. Morris has a good chance to be a pro someday too.

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