New Jersey Guard Should Thrive At Seton Hall

A look at the individual game of talented guard Jordan Theodore ...

Speed. It's a gift that Jordan Theodore possesses and utilizes consistently to score on driving baskets. Sometimes speed is good. Sometimes it needs to be slowed down to a pace his teammates can be effective in too.

This will be Theodore's biggest asset and strength when competing for the Seton Hall Pirates starting next season.

And if he accomplishes the ability to use speed when necessary and slow it down when needed, Theodore is going to be a huge positive impact player for the Big East program.

Below is a player profile on Jordan Theodore, produced by reporters Mike Sullivan and Frank Mantesta.

HEIGHT: 6-foot-1>

WEIGHT: 173 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Paterson Catholic High School in Paterson, New Jersey

AAU PROGRAM: New York City Gauchos

POSITIONS: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

CLASS: 2008, A current senior

STRENGTHS IN JORDAN THEODORE'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Has quickness and speed and is fearless in challenging bigger bodies inside the paint on his drives to the basket.

AREAS TO IMPROVE IN JORDAN THEODORE'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Shooting off the dribble and slowing down the game so he has a better comprehension of the overall offensive game.

EVALUATION: Jordan is an exciting, energetic and dynamic player who can razzle and dazzle you with his handle and his kniving and spinning moves in between defenders. He has several gears of speed too and should eventually be a player that will be a big impact player for the Pirates of Seton Hall.

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