Upstate PF Worth Watching This Season

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story on a player from Albany Academy ...

Every so often a player grows quite a bit and becomes a recruit worth watching. Such is the case of Chris Pelcher, a 6-foot-9, 240-pound power forward from Albany Academy in Albany, New York.

According to Albany City Rocks program director Jim Hart, Chris is a player that has physically improved in a dramatic fashion. "He grew four inches and added 20 pounds over the past year," Hart said. "So he's really come out of nowhere."

Chris is a transfer from Columbia High School. "He loves the game," Hart said. "He gets excited playing it. He makes layups in traffic and tries to dunk everything. He's an exciting player to watch."

A 2009 prospect, he has a couple of seasons to improve his overall game too. "He's a banger," Hart said. "He fears no one. He not only rebounds his area he goes outside his area to get rebounds. And he can outlet his rebounds too."

There are division one programs already keeping an early eye on his progress. "Siena has watched him, and Fordham and Massachusetts are also showing interest early," Hart said.

Hart also disclosed that Chris will play for the Albany City Rocks AAU program over the next year. "He plays for a great coach too at Albany Academy," said Hart, referring to the highly regarded Brian Fruscia.

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