Evaluation Report: Upstate Guard Prospect

Reporter Brian Towey has an evaluation report on Brandon Triche...

It wasn't long ago that Jamesville-Dewitt High School guard Brandon Triche was recovering from a rough injury. He seems to have made sufficient progress physically but is still trying to make a full recovery.

Recently, we produced a story detailing his recruiting process. It's obvious that he is highly regarded by several division one programs. How he makes progress physically will be the key to his recruiting process.

Below are some thoughts from his coach and the reporters from this website on his individual game:

"He sees the floor. He shoots it; sometimes he forgets how well he shoots it because he's so good at getting to the basket. He's so strong. He's able to cross and get you on his hip and he's so strong that you can't get around him." _ Jamesville-Dewitt coach Bob McKenney.

"I don't think he has the explosiveness back yet. That he'll get back at some point. A big part of his game is that (lateral) quickness, to be able to get guys on his hip. He's getting close (to full health). He's getting closer." _ McKenney on Triche's continued recovery from ACL injury. "He can get better defensively, but as it is at the high school level, you try to hide him because you don't want him to pick up fouls. He defends the other team's best player." _ McKenney on things Triche can improve upon

Triche is a solid (B-minus) student. He was invited to the Reebok U. Camp last July, but could could only attend as a spectator because he was still recovering from his ACL injury.

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