Big East Prospect Having Solid Season

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a free player profile on Bilal Dixon ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-9

WEIGHT: 230 Pounds

CLASS: 2008, A Current Senior

POSITION: Power Forward/Center

HIGH SCHOOL: Queen Of Peace {North Arlington, New Jersey)

AAU PROGRAM: Juice All Stars


COLLEGE OF CHOICE: Providence College (Big East Conference)

STRENGTHS IN BILAL DIXON'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Moves his feet well near the rim, continues to progress in his confidence around the basket. Is active enough where he can be an effective players both offensively and defensively.

AREA TO IMPROVE: Like most big men that are still improving their individual games, Bilal has to form a period of consistency to gain a high level of confidence. He's getting there and this is good news for his overall game too.

FRANK MANTESTA'S EVALUATION OF BILAL DIXON'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Bilal is a big body that demands respect in the paint. He has an assortment of post moves which include jump hooks and can finish with strong dunks. He is able to step out to 15 feet and in and displays a soft touch. He is a tremendous rebounder and shot blocker.

*Frank is former head coach at St. Anthony's High School on Long Island, New York. He has been scouting for this website over the past year.

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