New Jersey Guard Big East Ready Right Now

Reporter Mike Sullivan believes Mike Rosario is ready to play in the Big East now ...

When you watch the game of Mike Rosario this season, it's becoming apparent that his hard work and the efforts of the St. Anthony's coaching staff are helping him round out his game. And this is important since Rosario expects to be an impact player for Rutgers in the Big East when his senior season concludes.

Rosario, who was recently named to the McDonald's All American team, has shown on several occasions he can produce points without taking a lot of shots. In our last view of Rosario in person, Mike produced 16 points, 14 in the first half, to lead the Friars of New Jersey to a 65-48 road win over Long Island Lutheran.

Mike was under control all night too, giving the Friars of St. Anthony's a calm influence when tight and stressful situations arose during this particular night.

Rosario, playing for perhaps the best high school coach in the nation in Bob Hurley, Sr., plays tough defense too. This is expected when you play for Hurley.

Mike has also played many games for the Playaz Club of New Jersey under director Jimmy Salmon. So Rosario has faced the best competition over the past couple of years on a monthly basis.

Rosario leads his team scoring around 19-20 points a game. St. Anthony's has a deep roster so Mike doesn't have to shoulder the offensive burden every night. So he appears relaxed and confident when handling the ball.

Mike also moves well without the basketball and does a better job this year of finding open spaces in an opponent's defense to score, whether he has the rock or not.

Rosario is deserving of all honors being given to him this season. And it helps when you have an opportunity to learn under a head coach like Bob Hurley, Sr.

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