List Grows For Talented Upstate Forward

An updated profile update on upstate forward Will Regan ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-8

WEIGHT: 215 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Nichols High School in Buffalo, New York

POSITIONS: Center/Power Forward

CLASS: 2010, A current sophomore

AAU TEAM: Albany City Rocks


COLLEGE INTERESTS: Virginia, Michigan, Marquette, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, St John's, Ohio State, Stanford, West Virginia, Arizona, Seton Hall, Tennessee, Arizona State, Notre Dame

NEW COLLEGE INTERESTS: Tennessee, Arizona State and Notre Dame

STRENGTHS IN WILL REGAN'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: He's a smart post player. Back to the basket player, possesses good foot work and can use either hand with a jump hook

AREAS TO IMPROVE IN WILL REGAN'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Add a little bulk to his frame to help him finish more consistently around the rim and do a better job in the post defending

EVALUATION: My first look at Will was as a coach on the opposite sideline in the state semifinals last year. He put up 25 points and 19 rebounds as a freshman. What I noticed was this was a very polished post player for such a early age.

Will did every thing we preached to our post players. He did it without even thinking it seemed. Regan can use the jump hook with either hand and also can hit the 12-15 foot jumper with consistency. The list is long and impressive and very much deserved. He is a really nice old school, back to the basket, fundamentally sound player.

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