Fordham Lands A Quality 2009 Prospect

Reporter Brian Towey has the free player update on Chris Gaston making a commitment ...

Fordham picked up its third prospect from the St. Anthony lineage this week when Chris Gaston, a 6-foot-7 combo forward and postgraduate at St. Benedict's Prep in Newark. N.J., told the Atlantic 10 program's staff that he wanted to don the maroon.

Gaston will join two former St. Anthony teammates, Jio Fontan and Alberto Estwick, in The Bronx in 2009. He will complete another postgraduate year starting this fall, with Hargrave Military Academy being one possible destination.

"He's going to be an excellent prospect," said Bob Hurley, Sr., head coach at St. Anthony of Jersey City. "After this year at St. Benedict's he really developed and showed the potential to be a great player."

Hurley feels the extra year of prep will help prepare Gaston for college-level coursework. In terms of Gaston's upside as a player, the legendary coach was effusive in his praise.

"He's very, very versatile," said Hurley. "He's long, 6'6'' or 6'7''. He was a guard in grammar school. We were 28-1 with him here last year (at St. Anthony), and he was our best all-around player.

"If he were to have waited (with his recruitment), I think he would have exploded. This is going to be a kid, in my mind, who can be an all-Atlantic 10 player, no doubt."

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