Unique All Stars Live Up To Name At IS8

Reporter Mike Sullivan watched Markieff Morris at IS8 today in the playoff round ...

SOUTH JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- Kansas big man recruit Markieff Morris got a taste of what life is like for a big man at IS8. For the first half it was a little rough but he got his individual game rolling in the final two quarters of play.

Morris, also aided by his twin brother Marcus, helped propel a victory for Torrel Harris' Unique All Star AAU program, 83-71, over Mount Vernon.

Markieff was saddled with the tough defensive matchup against Kevin Jones, a 6-foot-7 forward who is West Virginia bound. Markieff did a nice job in pushing Jones away from the basket. But Kevin is quite talented and he led all scorers with 25 points.

But Markieff did a nice job clogging up the middle and making blocks too. He also finished the game with 16 points. His brother Marcus had 15 while sophomore Tobias Harris added 15 points too.

Unique All Stars led after the first quarter of play, 17-15 and 37-34 at the half. However, the Morris twins started to roll in the third quarter. Marcus used his small forward skills while Markieff did most of his damage inside the paint. Heading into the fourth quarter, Harris' team led 58-45.

Unique All Stars also got solid performances from Mike Buffalo who had 11 points and Taran Buie who had eight points.

Besides Jones' solid game, Jabari Hinds was terrific from the guard slot, scoring 19 points in the loss.

The Unique All Stars advance to Sunday's quarterfinals to be held again at IS8.

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