St. Ray's Guard Is Open In His Recruiting

Reporter Mike Sullivan spoke to Omari Lawrence at IS8 today ...

The St. Raymond's basketball program has delivered many fine players over the past couple of decades. So it's no surprise that the Panthers Junior team at IS8 has been successful thus far in the playoffs with such Ravens' players as Kevin Parrom and Omari Lawrence.

It was Lawrence, the 6-foot-3 lefty nimble guard who ignited the Panthers' victory yesterday in the quarterfinals against the Unique All Stars. Omari dropped in four straight drives to the basket to turn a deficit into a lead midway through the fourth quarter.

The Panthers' junior team will compete next Saturday in the IS8 semifinals. And Lawrence should be a key to their success again. Omari, who uses both sides of the glass to protect his shot against the bigger and longer arms inside the paint, has demonstrated persistance when it comes to attacking the basket.

A 2009 prospect, Omari said after the game he was open. "I'm really not thinking too much about it," he said. "I don't have a set list either. I do plan on taking visits when I get a chance though. But I'm not sure when."

The schools Lawrence mentioned as possible visits include Arizona, Memphis, and Villanova. But he said he was open in his recruiting process. "I'm still hearing and talking to schools and not ready to make any definite decisions," he said.

Omari has thrived the past couple of seasons under head coach Oliver Antigua at St. Raymonds in the Bronx. Antigua allows his players to be creative and use their dribble to take the ball to the rim. It's obvious this type of game is suitable to Lawrence's success.

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