Player Profile Update: Long Island Big Man

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a player profile update on Brian Wilson ...

PROFILE: Brian Wilson

HEIGHT: 6-foot-7

WEIGHT: 205 Pounds

POSITIONS: Center/Power Forward

HIGH SCHOOL: Long Island Lutheran in Brookville, New York


FORMER HIGH SCHOOL: Our Savior Lutheran in the Bronx, New York

WHAT MIKE SULLIVAN THINKS OF BRIAN WILSON'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Over the past couple of months, the reporters on this website have watched Wilson and Long Island Lutheran play a few times. In addition, reporter Mike Sullivan has been at IS8 too, watching Wilson compete. Wilson has been playing with the Panthers Jrs. team that did so well in the IS8 Spring League.

We've always liked his upside. Now it's his turn to be more consistent and have a healthier desire to want the ball in key spots near the rim.

Wilson has this opportunity this summer to show he can consistently produce.

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