Florida Recruit Ready For Next Challenge

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a player profile update on Erving Walker ...

It wasn't long ago that some scouts and high school basketball fans were saying Erving Walker was too small to make an impact on the high division one network. It wasn't the first time a player like Walker heard the naysayers jump on the "too short" bandwagon.

The only problem for these scouts and fans is they could never measure Walker's heart, which thumps with confidence in each game he competes in. Walker was a big reason why the Shooting Stars AAU program won a second consecutive title at IS8 last week.

Erving put on a shooting display in the playoffs while smartly directing the Shooting Stars' offense to several blowout playoff wins.

His coach, Bob Oliva at Christ The King Hish School in Middle Village, New York, had previously said: "When we need him to score, he does..when we need him to get everyone involved in the offense he does...what more can you ask of him.?" Walker, listed at 5-foot-10, also improved his side to side movement in defending a player one on one. "That's one of the areas I want to work on before I go to Florida," said Walker.

Erving can drop down NBA range three-pointers in any game. But the marked improvements in his leadership and cutting down on bad decisions has rapidly improved his overall game.

Back when Florida head coach Billy Donovan played at Providence, many said the same thing about the hard working leader of the Gators. So, in a way, Erving will have a chance to remind the critics how wrong they are a second time around.

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