Peekskill Star Ready For Big East Challenge

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a story on Syracuse recruit Mookie Jones ...

Over the past year Mookie Jones has justly received praise for his individual game. Jones, 6-foot-7, finished up his high school basketball career at Peekskill in New York.

In addition, Jones was a big part of the Shooting Stars landing a second consecutive title at IS8. And in both of these situations, his role was dramatically different.

At Peekskill, he was relied upon more offensively while with the Shooting Stars he was a piece of the puzzle. The Stars featured players like Samardo Samuels (Louisville), Erving Walker (Florida), Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas), and James Southerland (Syracuse).

But in both cases, Jones seemed comfortable. "When you have the amount of good players we had with the Stars you have to be patient for your chances to score," Jones said. "I can help the team in other ways too. I can help bring the ball up or rebound or pass."

Mookie was a big part of the great summer runs of the Westchester Hawks' AAU program. In the month of July, Jones, along with forward partner Kevin Jones (West Virginia), helped Tom Jennings' and Rob Rizzo's team make deep runs into the best national events at Disney World last July.

Mookie smiled when remembering the great summer he and his friends had. "We had a really good team, we liked playing with each other, we seemed to know where we would be at important parts of the game," he said.

Jones was equally satisfied with his time at Peekskill High School. "I have a lot of good memories and times," he said. "I really liked playing there and going to school."

Next month, Mookie goes up to Syracuse to begin his college career. "I'm going to get more involved with one on one workouts," Jones stated. "I want to make my upper body stronger and work on my jumper too."

Jones, though sad about his time as a high school/aau player coming to an end, seems equally energized about playing for Jim Boeheim's basketball program.

"I speak to them as much as I can," he said. "They talk to me about what I should be doing and what I can do to improve my game. I'll do whatever they need me to do. I just want to win."

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