Still A Waiting Game For David Imes

Reporter Frank Mantesta has a report on the status of David Imes ...

David Imes, the 6-foot-7 forward from Boys and Girls High in Brooklyn, N.Y., confirmed he has committed to Hofstra.

Hofstra head coach Tom Pecora always knew that David was a talented, relentless worker. So they kept a watchful eye on him. They also heard that he might not qualify so they kept monitoring him.

Finally after appearing at the Hofstra team camp, they decided he was too good to pass up. That is when they made their offer.

David was very happy to accept with the thrill of playing so close to home. But both will have to wait. David is still waiting on grades and a SAT score. This will determine when he will wear the Pride uniform, according to Boys and Girls head coach Ruth Lovelace.

Lovelace stated: "If he falls short academically, he would go to prep school."

Lovelace added: "He has done a nice job improving on his academics so he is close. One year of prep should do it."

Still, David and Hofstra are hoping he will be with them next season.

REVIEW OF DAVID'S GAME: I first saw him a year ago at Eastern Basketball camp and loved his tenacious way of playing. A very good rebounder and a nice offensive game, David knows how to win and is not afraid to do the little things that became big things to win games. Many times Lovelace told me he was the glue for the team.

David had previous interest from Houston, Rutgers, Seton Hall, VCU and Ohio University.

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