Scott, Fight Help Eliminate Juice All Stars

Reporter Mike Sullivan was at the Rumble in the Bronx today ...

In a highly anticipated matchup between the Juice All Stars and the New York City Gauchos, an unfortunate incident ended the hotly contested semifinal game at the Rumble in the Bronx in the Gold Division held on the campus of Fordham University.

With 8:35 left in the second half and the Gauchos hanging on to a 46-41 advantage, James Padgett went up to try and score a layup. He was hit in the face by a Gaucho (Ridley). It was not clear how hard Padgett was hit but he did suffer a hard foul.

When Ridley started to walk away, Padgett swung at him with an open fist, smacking Ridley in the face. The Gaucho went down to the ground. He got up a few seconds later and it appeared he was okay.

To each of the team's credit, both coaching staffs were able to maintain control and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, moments later, Dan Jennings of the Gauchos, picked up a chair near the bench. Fortunately, he was not near the initial confrontation.

The Gauchos coaching staff, handlers and players reacted in terrific fashion, holding back Jennings and preventing him from further causing a big problem. Kudos to an unidentified woman, who was holding onto the chair and Jennings as she was being dragged.

Unfortunately, the officials then called the game. Perhaps ejecting Padgett and Jennings and allowing the game to continue would have been a more fair solution to the many players who handled themselves in great fashion.

With the game being called, the Gauchos advanced the semifinals while Tiny Morton's Juice All Star team went home, never knowing if they could have mounted a comeback in the final eight minutes.

Lamont Jones finished with 10 points for the Juice while Durand Scott knocked down 16 points. Russell Smith added 13 points for the Gauchos.

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