Georgia Tech Recruit Recovering From Injury

Reporter Mike Sullivan has the story on Brian Oliver and his summer ...

It's been a rough two weeks for Georgia Tech recruit Brian Oliver. The skilled 6-foot-6 shooting guard from the state of Delaware rolled his ankle this week at the Joe Brown Memorial tournament while playing for the Playaz Gold team on the campus of FDU.

"A week ago I got one of my front teeth knocked out and I had to take care of that," said Oliver. "So I had that fixed with a brace and I went up to (New Jersey) to play in the tournament. Ten minutes into the game I rolled my ankle."

Oliver missed the event. But the Playaz Gold team won the tournament. "I was at the hospital yesterday to get the ankle examined," he said. "They said it's just a bad sprain."

The high ankle sprain perhaps could derail Oliver's desire to play in Las Vegas next week. "I'll have to see how it goes," said Oliver.

Brian had given a commitment to Georgia Tech and head coach Paul Hewitt while competing at the Rumble in the Bronx last month in an event held at Fordham University.

"I'm really happy to be part of the recruiting class," said Oliver. "Plus, I wanted to go to a school with great academics...because if it doesn't work out for me in basketball, I want a degree to fall back on."

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