Niagara Falls Guard Named MVP At Team Camp

Reporter Mike Sullivan has an update on Kelvin Agee of Niagara Falls High School ...

Kelvin Agee, a 6-foot-2 backcourt player from Niagara Falls High School in Niagara Falls, N.Y., is a rising senior who is just 16 years old but a player who is gathering interest in his skills.

Agee has shown he has the ability with his athletic skills to be an impact player on both ends of the court.

He is working on gaining weight and muscle to make himself more ready to handle the physical end of the game.

Previously, the coaching staff at Niagara Falls High School said local schools were showing recruiting interest in Agee's game -- Buffalo and Niagara.

At the recent team camp held at Niagara Falls High School, Agee was named the most valuable player averaging 25 points a game. He led his high school team to three straight victories. He showed the ability to drop down long range jumpers too, hitting four of them, according to the coaching staff at Niagara Falls.

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