Big Man Helps NJABC Claim Milk House Win

Reporter Mike Sullivan is at Disney World watching the 16 and under Showcase ...

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA -- The early round games are a chance for teams to get to know each other sometimes. But for head coach Matthew Pauls, most of his team has been together for a while.

"We've played together for a couple of years," said Pauls, after his team defeated the Middle Atlantic All Stars, 80-70, at the Milk House on the grounds of Disney World.

But there is one big difference now for Pauls. "Markus Kennedy," he said. "We haven't had him before."

Pauls already has a nice team anyway. He has about seven division one prospects on his 16 and under team. And the Showcase victory demonstrated there's more than just one player on his roster that can produce points.

During yesterday's victory, eight players contributed key points. And having a big man like the wide frame of 6-foot-9 Kennedy makes his job easier too.

"The kids know how to play team ball," said Pauls. "They're good kids too. They just want to win."

So far, so good on the winning end. Pauls' team has another game this afternoon. We'll report later on the progress.

Kennedy is a prospect to watch too. Being a player of size, he's likely to get some serious looks down here. Syracuse assistant coach Mike Hopkins was watching him intently from the sideline.

Markus said he's open in his recruiting process as well.

Steve Rennard had 14 points, Dondre Whitmore scored 17, Kennedy added 15, and Harold Spears had nine for the winners. In addition, Wayne Newsome scored 10, Frantz Massenat added eight, and Markese Tucker had four.

Marcus Dawkins had 14 points for the Middle Atlantic All Stars.

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