UCONN Makes Pitch To Long Island Prospect

Reporter Mike Sullivan updates the last visit taken by Long Island prospect Tobias Harris, a 6-foot-7 wing forward. Harris previously had listed a top 10 list but after taking a visit to Connecticut, the Big East school is being considered seriously ...

It was only last week that Tobias Harris had been focusing on a top ten list. But since he's just a junior now attending Long Island Lutheran High School in Brookville, N.Y., he has ample time to move his list around.

The 6-foot-7 wing from Long Island, New York, also recently transferred from Dix Hills West High School. So Harris has had his share of changes over the past couple of weeks.

Harris took a visit to Connecticut last weekend. We spoke to his dad, Torrel, for the update on how the trip worked out.

"Coach Andre invited him up to sit down and talk with him and Coach Calhoun and how they really wanted Tobias to play for UCONN," Mr. Harris said. "Coach Andre stated to me and Tobias that they don't usually offer a ninth grader a scholarship."

Mr. Harris said that Tobias got a nice feel of the campus. He also had an opportunity to chat and compete a bit with some of the present Connecticut players.

"Tobias played pick games with the Connecticut players winning six games straight he played with Kemba (Walker), Jerome Dyson," Mr. Harris stated. "He toured the school and learned more history about the players who played for UCONN."

Mr. Harris indicated that there was a different feel this time to the visit as opposed to taking in the Elite camp.

"When Tobias visited UCONN in the past at the elite camp he just went from the dorm to the gym," Mr. Harris said. "(We) didn't really visit and tour the whole school.

Mr. Harris concluded: "It was great visit. Tobias was very impress with Coach Calhoun. UCONN is high on his list."

Previously, Harris had listed this top ten: Syracuse, Rutgers, Louisville, Georgetown, Virginia, Maryland, Marquette, West Virginia, Wake Forest and Southern Cal.

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