New Jersey Soph Worth Watching This Season

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a free look at the individual game of sophomore forward Ryan McCoy from the state of New Jersey ...

Ryan McCoy, a 6-foot-6, 180-pound forward from Montgomery High School in the state of New Jersey, is a player that AAU coach Matt Pauls has spoken highly of in the past.

There are several things to consider when discussing McCoy. First, McCoy is only a sophomore, a member of 2011 class. And, according to Pauls, one of the top aspects of his game is his ability to shoot the basketball.

"He's one of the best shooters for someone so young," said Pauls.

McCoy did compete for a big school on the varsity level, giving him early experience on how it is to play against players three years older than him.

Adding strength is certainly a key for future progress in his game. "He spent a lot of time in local leagues over the summer too," said Paul.

Pauls can see Ryan at least at the mid division one level. It is early to project though so it's worth watching his development over the next few years.

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