Post Graduate Year For Former LI Guard

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a player profile update on former St. Mary's guard Jerrell Lawrence, who is now doing a postgraduate year in New Jersey ...

PLAYER PROFILE: Jerrell Lawrence

HEIGHT: 6-foot-1

WEIGHT: 167 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL/PREP SCHOOL: Apex Academies in New Jersey


FORMER HIGH SCHOOL: St. Mary's High School in Manhasset, New York (Long Island)

POSITIONS: Shooting Guard/Point Guard

CLASS: 2009, A Current Postgradute

UPDATE: Lawrence is a guard we always liked. He had to recover from a tough injury that hurt his chances of landing a scholarship a year ago. However, he's good enough for some division one programs to take a look at him this season at Apex.

A postgraduate year should help him forge some offers and interest.

PREVIOUS COLLEGE INTERESTS: Norfolk State, Stony Brook, St. Peter's, and St. Francis of New York

STRENGTHS IN JERRELL LAWRENCE'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Has a high basketball IQ and uses his mental facilities to break down a defense. He has long arms which enables him to deflect balls on the defensive side.

AREAS TO IMPROVE IN INDIVIDUAL GAME: His frame will need strengthening and the ability to drain the jumper consistently would add more diversity to his game.

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