Stephenson Guides Juice To IS8 Playoff Win

Reporter Mike Sullivan was at IS8 yesterday to watch some of the quarterfinal games in South Jamaica, New York ... Lance Stephenson had a very effective game playing an assortment of positions ...

Pound for pound, there are very few better basketball players than Lance Stephenson. He possesses a football type of mentality but is as skilled a player there is in his class, demonstrating yesterday he can play many positions on the floor.

Stephenson scored 24 points and ate up some minutes at the lead guard slot helping Tiny Morton's Juice All Starts to a 95-88 victory over the Playaz Juniors team.

Stephenson also showed he can set up teammates with his passing and grab rebounds. He had some help though from Karron Johnson, who had 21 points and Shaquille Stokes who added 18 from the backcourt position.

Darwin Ellis also chipped in with 14 points for the winners.

The Playaz Juniors got off to a fast start, outpacing the Juice, 28-21, after the first eight minutes of play. Fuquan Edwin scored 10 of his 24 points in the first quarter.

But Stephenson and the Juice got on track in the second frame, leading 46-43 at the half and 76-61 heading into the fourth quarter.

Any threat by the Playaz Juniors team was snuffed out by either Stephenson, Ellis, Stokes or Johnson.

Isiah Epps added 19 points for the Playaz Junior team.

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