Big Year Ahead For 2010 Albany Based Prospect

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a free player profile update on Jamel Fields of Albany Academy in Albany, New York. Fields is a 2010 guard prospect who faces a big year ahead in his recruiting process ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-1

WEIGHT: 172 Pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Albany Academy in Albany, New York

POSITIONS: Shooting Guard/Point Guard

CLASS: 2010, A current senior

AAU TEAM: Albany City Rocks


COLLEGE INTERESTS: St. Peter's, Monmouth, St. Francis of New York, Fairfield, Siena, and James Madison

STRENGTHS IN JAMEL FIELDS' INDIVIDUAL GAME: Taking his drive to the basket and being confident on his moves to the rim are his biggest strengths. Finishing near the rim consistently is an area that, if improved, would elevate his game to another level.

His handle is strong too, allowing him to beat slower defenders.

AREAS THAT NEED TO BE IMPROVED TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE PLAYER: Like most guards that are very efficient near the rim with their handle, the perimeter game will be needed to be more consistent to give his defenders two weapons to think about.

EVALUATION: Has the speed and handle to get to the rim consistently. Finishing against the bigger bodies in the paint is the second part of the equation. A big year awaits Fields. If he is able to consistently finish up his great drives and keep his defender honest with a perimeter shot, Jamel should have a big season.

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