Rice Guard Proves He's A Big Time Player

Reporter Mike Sullivan had an opportunity to interview Rice High School guard Durand Scott about his individual game, the schools left on his recruiting list, and what he hopes to accomplish down the road as a basketball player ...

Rice High School guard Durand Scott realizes that there are three anxious basketball programs awaiting his college decision. "I need some time to make sure I'm comfortable with one school both on and off the court," he stated.

Scott, a tough-minded 6-foot-4 backcourt player, has attracted such high division one attention because of his ability to be consistent in several important areas -- defensively, scoring in the clutch, and leadership.

"I've always worked on being consistent in every part of my game," Scott said. "I think if I work toward that goal then everything else will fall into place. I feel I became more consistent during the summer."

Scott was terrific during the July evaluation period. He helped the Gauchos win many key games while competing in Orlando at the Wide World of Sports complex. "I have a natural confidence," said Scott. "I think coming from New York City helps you be tougher mentally."

It's because of this mental toughness that he was flooded with scholarship offers. But Scott realizes the role of leadership is extremely important too. "I'm a positive guy," he said. "When something doesn't work out or we're having some trouble in the game, I want to stay positive."

These are all attractive aspects of Scott's individual game. He doesn't know when he'll choose between Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Miami, but he has different reasons on why he likes each of the programs.

"I like Connecticut because of their great tradition," he said. "I know because of their history the program helps the players get to the next level. That's something I want to get to after college."

Regarding Miami: "I like the warm weather. I like coach Haith too. I felt comfortable there."

Regarding Pittsburgh: "I like coach Jamie Dixon. He's a cool guy. When I went there I felt like I was at home with the New York City Gauchos."

Scott added: "I don't have a time line when I might make a decision. When I'm sure I feel comfortable on and off the court then I'll make that decision. Right now, I don't know."

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