Brooklyn Native Finding Life Up North Is Good

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a free story discussing Brandon Romain's upcoming season at Post, a division two school in Connecticut ...

Brandon Romain's father expressed delight when discussing his son's future. The 6-foot-3, 170-pound shooting guard who played last season at Brooklyn's Boys and Girls High School, is currently at Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut.

"Brandon is at Post University in Waterbury Connecticut on a full ride which always helps in this economic environment," Mr. Romain said.

Mr. Romain stated his son is very happy to have an opportunity to go to school and play basketball at Post. "He likes it at Post and will certainly have a big year."

This is a great chance for Brandon to grow in his individual game as well as attend a solid school.

"We're very happy he is there," Mr. Romain said. "Brandon loves it and is looking forward to the basketball season. The coaching staff has been great to him and he's excited about learning more about the game there."

PREVIOUS EVALUATION OF BRANDON ROMAIN'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: A rangy, slashing guard, the lefthander has an unorthodox game and an exceptional wingspan which helps him play the passing lanes. He is frequently around the ball.

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