Steve Rennard Worthy Of Many D-1 Looks

Reporter Mike Sullivan profiles the individual game of Steve Rennard, a solid guard prospect from the state of New Jersey...also he has news of another member of NJABC ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-1

WEIGHT: 173 pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: St. Joe's in Metuchen, New Jersey



CLASS: 2010, A current junior guard prospect

COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES OF INTEREST: Yale, Davidson, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Vermont, Bucknell, Lafayette, Davidson, Pennsylvania, Pricneton, Massachusetts, and Fordham

RECRUITING UPDATE: Steve was one of our favorite players to watch during the AAU sessions. We anxiously await an opportunity to watch him compete this season as a junior in the very competitive state of New Jersey.

A terrific student as well, Steve is a dream recruit for any division one program. He knows the game of basketball and does whatever he can to help his team win.

Penn, Brown, and Princeton were schools mentioned as being high on his list. Because of his skill level on the court and in the classroom, Rennard has many opportunities that will benefit his future.

*We also wanted to mention that NJABC assistant general manager Alex Schwartz was accepted into the University of Miami. Alex is a big part of Matt Pauls' AAU team, NJABC, filling responsibilities as the team manager.

We wish Alex the best of luck at Miami too.

We welcome any opportunity to highlight such events like this on the New York website.

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