2009 New Jersey Forward Has Offers

Reporter Mike Sullivan has an update on 2009 forward prospect Mike McFadden of Newark Technology High School ...

Mike McFadden, a 6-foot-7 1/2 inside forward from Newark Technology in Newark, New Jersey, is a member of the 2009 class that has been competing also with highly regarded AAU club, Team NJABC.

McFadden's game is scoring near the basket and tracking down loose balls. He's working hard on improving his perimeter defense, being more consistent with his jumper, and polishing his ballhandling.

According to Matt Pauls of NJABC: "Mike is a very athletic, physically strong forward who is active on both ends of the floor.

"He is relentless in his pursuit of the basketball when it comes off the rim. He has a nice jumper up to 15 feet out, and is a very strong finisher around the basket, often with thunderous dunks.

"Mike also controls the paint, altering or blocking shots regularly."

The interest is wide for McFadden so far. He will be scrimmaging on December 11th and it's expected several colleges and universities will be in attendance to watch his individual game.

Currently, Penn State, Iona, Drexel, Fairfield, Kent State, and Dayton have shown interest or have extended an offer.

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