Sullivan, Insiders Report Seal Up Scout Deal

The Insiders Report and have reached a new deal. Sullivan's company will continue to provide high school sports information here on this website until the contract concludes in 2012 ...

The Insiders Report, Inc. and Mike Sullivan are happy to announce a new agreement to continue providing, a Fox Sports owned company, recruiting information, game updates and message board posts until the year 2012.

The Insiders Report, Inc, a company started by Mike Sullivan 15 years ago, also has been helped in the past two decades from terrific people like Denny Conroy, Brian Towey, Frank Mantesta, and Russ Blake. Each of them has contributed something significant to Sullivan's company.

We're also happy to announce an expansion too. We will be also focusing on high school football, high school lacrosse, high school boys and girls soccer as well as high school tennis.

We encourage all parents and coaches to send us information through a private message. You can register for free through any website on and reach us through this communication device.

We will have future updates regarding the expansion as we approach the different seasons.

We would like to thank Ben Beachler for his help throughout this process and look forward to making this the best high school sports website on the internet.

*We will focus on all levels of athletes too. Fairfield is as important to us as Connecticut. St. Francis is worthy of the same treatment as we give to Rutgers, etc.

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