New York Forward Has Decent D-1 Looks

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a player profile update on the individual game and skills of Jonathan Moore ....


HEIGHT: 6-foot-6 1/2

WEIGHT: 179 pounds

HIGH SCHOOL: Brentwood High School in Brentwood, New York (Long Island)


POSITIONS: Shooting Guard/Small Forward/Power Forward

CLASS: 2010, a current junior

AAU TEAMS: Long Island Defenders and Long Island Fury

COLLEGE INTERESTS: St. John's, Penn State, Rutgers, Monmouth, Stony Brook, St. Peter's, and St. Francis of New York. FRANK MANTESTA'S PREVIOUS EVALUATION REPORT:

STRENGTHS IN JONATHAN MOORE'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: Getting on the class, explosive to the basket, effective slasher to the rim

AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: Adding some more muscle to his frame and being able to knock down the medium range jumper

EVALUATION: Jonathan Moore's perimeter game will need to improve to give his individual game a chance to reach its best level. Moore is a hard worker who is making strides each game.

A REPORT FILED BY REPORTER FRANK MANTESTA LAST SEASON: "He can hit three or four threes in a row but can also get into slumps. In a recent showcase on Long Island, Moore twice went the length of the court finishing it off with dunks with players on his back.

"He needs to let the game come to him instead of forcing things."

*His perimeter game seems to have improved. We'll post a more detailed report the next chance we watch his team play.

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