St. Dom's Guard Worthy Of Watching This Year

Reporter Mike Sullivan has a free look at the individual game of lead guard Dan Kenny, who helps run the St. Dominic offense for head coach Rob Pavinelli ...

St. Dominic head coach Rob Pavinelli is among the best in his business. Always intense, teaching, and behind his players, Pavinelli has always spoke with fondess about the individual game of his lead guard Dan Kenny.

When Kenny has the ball in his hands, St. Dominic's offense seems more secure and stable.

While pointing out that Kenny is usually the guy on the bottom of a pile taking a charge, Dan's value extends on either side of the ball.

*Previously reported game action:

Kenny scored five points to help St. Dominic upend Cardozo High School on Sunday at Adelphi University. But his value goes beyond knocking down a three-pointer. He's a gritty player who battles for every loose ball, takes charges, and will get on the floor to retrieve a stray ball.

Pavinelli said Kenny, a terrific student, has some thoughts on where he would like to play. "He want to play in the Patriot League."

Dan has some options. He could go and compete at a prep school -- make himself stronger and more prepared to handle the stress of playing on the college basketball level. This is a consideration according to Pavinelli.

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