NY Guard Should Be Impact Player In Area

Reporter Mike Sullivan discusses the individual game of Darwin Ellis, a solid pickup for head coach Brian Nash of St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York ...

Darwin Ellis, a 5-foot-8, 155-pound senior guard from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York, has been a winner for head coach Tiny Morton. Ellis, who has given a commitment to St. Francis College of Brooklyn, New York, is a player we believe will be an impact player for head coach Brian Nash.

Nash is a solid, young coach who is a great evaluator and recruiter. He helps his players progress in their individual games so this is a good place for Ellis to have a productive college career.

The reporters on this website have watched Ellis play many times over the past couple of years, whether it was for Lincoln High School or in the IS8 Queens League.

Here are some thoughts by our reporters who watched him compete in person many times over the past few years.


Darwin Ellis is one of New York City 's most lethal shooters to be sure, but his value goes beyond that.

He is dogged as an on-the-ball defender, and supremely hard to keep in front of you. But most of what Ellis is for Lincoln falls into the realm of the intangible. He's the team's heartbeat, you might say, the guy from whom the blood courses.

"He's the heart and soul of this team," said Pretlow. "Without a doubt."

Morton points to Lincoln 's accomplishment's on Ellis' watch in order to convey his value to the program.

"His experience (is very valuable)," said Morton. "He has as much experience as anybody. Three city championships, two state (titles)."

It's heady stuff for a (very) undersized shooting guard, until you see the kid play.

The Erving Walker comparisons are apt: small and slight, devastating beyond the arc, with a knack for getting into the gaps to pick defenses apart. What set Walker apart was his robust hoops IQ, something Ellis shares with the University of Florida guard and fellow Brooklynite.

"He's a sparkplug," said Pretlow. "Just a sparkplug. He just plays hard and leaves it all on the floor."

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