New Jersey Guard Has High D-1 Interest

Reporter Mike Sullivan takes a look at the individual game of Hakeem Harris, a combo guard from Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey ... Harris has some solid division one interest ...

Hakeem Harris, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound combo guard from Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey, is a 2010 prospect who has some interesting division one interest in his skill level.

His older brother, Jamal, is helping guide Hakeem along in the process. But currently, schools like Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt, Providence, Virginia Tech, and Stanford have shown early interest.

In addition, the Ivy League schools are watching his progress both on the court and in the classroom. So, it appears, that Hakeem has many options for his future.

Head coach Joe Mantegna is one of the best in the business in helping guide athletes to a fruitful academic and athletic career.

STRENGTHS IN HAKEEM'S GAME: Ball handling, competitive spirit, leadership, defense, and basketball IQ.

Some of the areas that Hakeem plans on working on over the next year -- perimeter shot, shot selection.

He has terrific speed. Once the speed is utilized within the framework of a game, he'll become an even more effective guard.

*Hakeem was recently named first team all state and first team all conference.

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