West Coast Big Man Praises Garden, Jordan

Reporter Mike Sullivan spent yesterday inside Madison Square Garden in New York City to watch some of the top players from across the nation to compete in the Jordan Brand All American game ... he has a story on big man Renardo Sidney ...

Big man Renardo Sidney flashed a big smile after last night's Jordan Brand Classic All Star game. The West Coast star prospect was asked what his favorite parts of the week were being in New York City.

"Meeting Michael Jordan and playing in Madison Square Garden," he said quickly.

Sidney, who has committed to Southern California to play college basketball next season for Tim Floyd, has terrific size and skills, qualities that will make him an even better player on the highest level.

Last night, he had a chance to showcase these skills and it landed him one of the two Most Valuable Player awards. Derrick Favors received the other MVP.

"It's an honor to get the award," the 6-foot-9, 245-pound truck said.

"But it was great to play in Madison Square Garden. It's not often a high school player gets to play here."

"Meeting Michael Jordan was great too. He gave us his thoughts and some inspiration. It helped my game."

Renaldo had 15 points and seven rebounds in a 110-103 loss.

Sidney said he's excited about the chance to play at USC. "I went there because of Tim Floyd," he said. "I wanted to play for him."

Sidney said he plans on preparing himself properly before he plays college basketball. "I want to get in better conditioning, lose some weight," he said. "If I do that, you'll see more of that (end to end romps, leading the fast break)."

Renardo had a couple of these excursions which got a roar from the crowd at MSG.

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