GT Big Man Lands Co-MVP In Jordan Game

Reporter Mike Sullivan was inside Madison Square Garden yesterday to watch one of the top players from the 2009 class in Derrick Favors, who landed a co-MVP after his performance in the Michael Jordan Classic game ...

Derrick Favors knows what's ahead for him. He is going to be counted on heavily to help Georgia Tech erase a tough 2008-2009 season. It's not surprising many Tech basketball fans are thinking this way.

By consensus, Favors is considered among the top three players in the country. The 6-foot-9, 225-pound center can make an impact on both ends of the court. He did so last night.

When asked about winning two of the biggest awards (McDonald's as well) in two of the best all star games, Favors grinned. "It means a lot."

However, in typical Derrick Favors form, when asked what his favorite part of the game was, the quiet man from South Atlanta High School in Georgia, stated: "Winning the game."

Derrick produced 21 points and had five rebounds in a 110-103 victory.

Favors has never been about statistics. He has always geared his game to helping his team win basketball games. So, while the reporters in the conference room wanted to shower words of praise and lead him on to discuss dunks and points, he bypassed the opportunity.

"We're big men," he said, glancing over at Renardo Sidney (other co-MVP) sitting at the table in front of two microphones. "We rebounded. We did what we're supposed to do."

Indeed. Favors always does what he's supposed to do. He spends little time on the perimeter, trying to showcase his other skills to potential NBA scouts. Instead, he keeps his big frame on the low blocks and performs the tasks someone of his size is counted on.

This is the player Georgia Tech head coach Paul Hewitt will have for at least one season. Favors doesn't talk much about what happens after next season.

"I'm must working on every aspect of my game to get better," he said. "But the one thing I'll focus on right away is my strength. I want to get into the weight room and make myself better."

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