Rice Senior Ready For A Prep Year

Reporter Mike Sullivan had a chance to speak to Rice senior James Stukes, who competed in the Jordan Regional Classic All Star game held at Madison Square Garden in New York City this past weekend ...

James Stukes has always been a warrior, a player you wanted in a foxhole with you when the game got close or in a big moment. He's always worked hard to make himself a better basketball player too. So he was rewarded with a chance to play in the Jordan Classic Regional All Star game this past Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Stukes, who played 31 of the 40 minutes, recorded 24 points, grabbed five rebounds, and had two assists. His effort helped the City team defeat the Suburban team, 129-120.

"I had a great time, it was fun to play here," said Stukes. "I got a lot of good looks at the basket."

James hit nine of 13 from the field but he produced in other areas of the court to make more than a points contribution.

"It's what I try to do every game I play," Stukes said. "I try to do anything I can to help the team win. I'm happy we did win."

Stukes will play at South Kent School in Connecticut next year. So the 2010 prospect has some time to make improvements in his game before he plays college basketball.

"Recently I heard from Albany," he said. "I've also heard from Long Island University too."

Stukes plans on using the spring and summer to his advantage. "I'm going to work on my shooting and ballhandling," he said. "I also want to get stronger."

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