Upstate Guard Prospect Steady In His Progress

Reporter Mike Sullivan provides a free look at the individual game of Kam Ritter, who continues to make improvements while playing for Jim Hart's Albany City Rocks' AAU basketball team ...

Jim Hart's Albany City Rocks' 17 and under basketball program did advance to the semifinals of the gold category this past weekend in the Rumble in the Bronx tournament.

It wasn't an easy run to the semis where Team Final and Michael Gilchrist defeated the Rocks. One reason was not having Tobias Harris for the playoffs.

Despite not having a top prospect like Harris, give credit to the Rocks. One of the main reasons why Hart's AAU team advanced so far was the play of Kameron Ritter, a 6-foot-3 backcourt player from Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, N.Y.

While Ritter may not be the flashy type of player that excites scouts that place numbers on prospects, Kam continues to make progress in his individual game.

Ritter showed he's looking for his shot more and creating more effectively with his dribble.


He's always been a steady player. We've wanted him to be more aggressive and he is. He's a calming influence on the team and makes a lot of smart decisions with the basketball.


Kam is a team player who won't force the issue or make silly mistakes. He can fit into any type of offense and be productive.

Ritter takes care of the basketball and has a good feel for the game. He understands the value of every individual possession.

Ritter is also tough on the defensive end. He plays his defender hard and has a big windspan, utilizing his long arms to deflect passes and make on the ball steals against his opponent.

COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES OF INTEREST: Fairfield, Buffalo, Drake, Holy Cross, Davidson, American, Siena, Boston University, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, George Mason, James Madison, Delaware, William and Mary, Northeastern, TCU, Elon, Delaware St., and Penn.

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