NYC Guard Heads To Division One School

Reporter Mike Sullivan has an update on talented prospect Brandon Romain, who will play division one college basketball now ...

Brandon Romain, a 6-foot-3, 170-pound shooting guard who first played at Brooklyn's Boys and Girls High School a couple of seasons ago, has landed at a division one college basketball program, according to his family.

Romain will now play division one basketball at Morehead State University.

Romain, who competed at Post University in Connecticut this past season, had set a school record with 41 points against division one school South Dakota, helping his team register a stunning 102-94 victory. Romain knocked down 17 of 22 from the field.

Post University turned out to be a great experience for Brandon as he prepared himself for division one college basketball.

Brandon will be enrolling at Morehead State in Kentucky on August 14th, this Friday.

PREVIOUS EVALUATION OF BRANDON ROMAIN'S INDIVIDUAL GAME: A rangy, slashing guard, the lefthander has an unorthodox game and an exceptional wingspan which helps him play the passing lanes. He is frequently around the ball.

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