New York Guard Having Success Up North

Reporter Mike Sullivan takes a look at the individual game of Mike Buffalo and updates a player profile report on his status ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-4

WEIGHT: 181 pounds

FORMER HIGH SCHOOL: Wings Academy in Bronx, New York

CURRENT HIGH SCHOOL: South Kent in Connecticut

POSITIONS: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

YEAR: Mike is a current senior, who has the option of taking a prep season, depending upon how much progress he feels he has made in his individual game. It will also determine how high a level he wants to compete at playing division one college basketball.

Mike is currently averaging a bit over 10 points a game, four rebounds, and three assists per contest.

CURRENT AAU TEAM: Raising Champions


NEW COLLEGE INTERESTS: Garner Webb, Manhattan, Monmouth, Buffalo, St. Francis, Detroit, Elon, St. Peter's, Rhode Island, Maine, and Long Island University.

Buffalo also stated he has achieved a qualifying score on the SAT and only needs to make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse.

"I just got word that I got a Qualifying score on the SATs, now I got to get myself cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse," said Buffalo previously.

STRENGTHS: Is a strong guard and mentally tough enough to challenge the bigger bodies near the rim with his drives to the basket.

AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: To play the lead guard slot for a division one program, Mike must improve his quickness to offset a smaller guard's agility

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