Underclassman Generating Some Interest

Reporter Mike Sullivan provides a look at the individual game of Dylan Moody, an East Coast prospect who is an underclassman ...

Dylan Moody, a 5-foot-10, 170-pound backcourt guard prospect from Abington Friends School in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, has been one of the reasons why this particular basketball program has had such a great season.

Stacked with division one talent, Moody, an underclassman and member of the 2011 class (a junior prospect), is averaging double figures in points per game.

Dylan works hard on both ends of the court too and is productive. He uses his speed and smarts, getting in the passing lanes, making two steals per contest.

Moody has the ability to run the offense or help handle the responsibilities with the team's primary lead guard -- Joey Gripper.


"He is a very good shooter, possessing good speed. He's also a very capable defender.

"Dylan is still working on polishing his skills but he does a nice job complimenting Gripper when they play together in the backcourt.

"Dylan does a great job with on the ball defense and this allows Gripper to get his hands in the passing lane, leading to more steals."

Low division one and high division two programs are monitoring his progress. A big summer on the AAU circuit will determine the level he is recruited at come next season. So, April through July of this year, will be very important for Dylan and how college coaches view his individual game.

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