New York Guard Has Qualifying Test Score

Reporter Mike Sullivan updates the individual game of New York guard prospect Mike Buffalo, who told us recently he was in the process of trying to reach a decision ...


HEIGHT: 6-foot-4

WEIGHT: 180 pounds

FORMER HIGH SCHOOL: Wings Academy in Bronx, New York

CURRENT HIGH SCHOOL: South Kent in Connecticut

POSITIONS: Point Guard/Shooting Guard

YEAR: Mike is a current senior, who could perhaps take a prep season to help further along his individual game.

At South Kent, Mike is averaging double figures in points, a little more than 10 points a contest. He is also strong enough to make a difference on defense, in the rebounding department, averaging more than four per game.

CURRENT AAU TEAM: Raising Champions


NEW COLLEGE INTERESTS: Garner Webb, Manhattan, Monmouth, Detroit, Elon, St. Peter's, Rhode Island, Maine, Buffalo, and Long Island University.


Mike told us he has achieved a qualifying score on the SAT and only needs to make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse.

"I just got word that I got a Qualifying score on the SATs, now I got to get myself cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse," said Buffalo previously.

STRENGTHS: Is a strong guard and mentally tough enough to challenge the bigger bodies near the rim with his drives to the basket.

AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: To play the lead guard slot for a division one program, Mike must improve his quickness to offset a smaller guard's agility

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