Two-Sport Athlete Taking Unofficial Visit

Reporter Mike Sullivan updates the recruiting status of two-sport athlete Chandler Fraser-Pauls of the Pennington School in New Jersey ...

Chandler Fraser-Pauls, a two-sport student/athlete from the Pennington School in New Jersey, is taking an unofficial visit to Vermont this weekend, according to his father, Matt.

Chandler, who helped his team win another Mercer County Championship this month, helped the Pennington School finish the season with a 23-2 record.

Chandler, also a very solid soccer player, is on the radar screen with Boston University. Chandler told us previously: "Boston University has offered me a spot on their men's soccer team, and it's a great offer."

Fraser-Pauls, who averaged 16 points a game and five assists per game this season as a basketball player, is expected to play with Team NJABC at several AAU hoop events.

WHAT CHANDLER FRASER-PAULS IS WORKING ON OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS: Chandler said he was happy that his mid-range jumper improved this season. In addition, the leadership category was focused on and Chandler made progress. He'll continue to work on these two areas over the spring and summer.

In addition, the lefty is looking to make progress on utilizing his right hand in the dribbling category.


Several Ivy League and Patriot League schools have shown interest in Fraser-Pauls.

Besides Vermont, Davidson and Elon have expressed interest basketball wise.

Fraser-Pauls, who competes at the midfield and forward positions for the Pennington School soccer program, has interest from Bucknell, Lafayette, and Villanova in this particular sport.

Fraser-Pauls already has a career in mind -- coaching. "I would love to coach in the future," he said.

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