8-Quarter Rule coming to Cumberland

FAYETTEVILLE – In 2006 the North Carolina High School Athletic Association formed the eight quarter participation rule allowing teams to dress freshman and/or sophomore junior varsity players for varsity football games to provide depth in emergency situations.

But in the five years of since the NCHSAA passed the rule, teams in Cumberland County have been unable to follow the rule but that could change this year.

All ten head coaches from Cumberland County met with County Athletic Director Leon Mack and asked for the system to observe the rule and allow them to dress junior varsity players on Friday night's.

"It's something that that they (All ten Cumberland County head football coaches) requested," Mack said. "It's in the discussions, but the finals decision has not been made yet."

Mack stated that abuse by other schools across the state in the past has been a major reason why the system has not allowed its schools to observe the rule and dress junior varsity players.

"One of the major concerns of not using the rule was abuse of the eight-quarter rule, there has been a tremendous amount of abuse by other schools." He added. "We're also looking at putting some additional restrictions on that rule if we decided to go with it."

Coaches are optimistic that the rule will pass and welcome the ability to use younger players for depth and development.

Mack said that the rule is still in discussion among county leaders but that a decision should be made by Monday.

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