The State of Gaston Football

Playoff Picture for Gaston Area Teams and Conferences

Who's in?


 South Point 7-2(5-1)

 Ashbrook 7-3(5-1)

 Forestview 7-3(5-1)

 East Gaston 6-4(4-2)

 Hunter Huss 5-4(3-3)


 Crest 8-1(5-0)

 Burns 8-2(4-1)

 Hickory 7-3(3-2)

 R-S Central 4-5(2-2)

 Kings Mountain 4-6(2-4)


 Shelby 8-1(6-0)

 East Rutherford 8-2(5-1)

 Bandys 7-3(4-2)

 Lincolnton 6-4(4-2)

 Bunker Hill 5-5(3-3)


 Maiden 10-0(5-0)

 Polk County 9-1(3-1)

 Bessemer City 4-6(3-2)

 Hendersonville 8-2(2-2)

 Who's still knocking at the door?


 North Gaston (3-7)


 West Lincoln (4-6)


North Lincoln 3-7(0-4)

Cherryville 0-9(0-4)

NOTES: North Gaston is still alive for the playoff hunt.  A win over Berry Academy will put them in but if they lose, they are done. 

West Lincoln has met the minimum criteria for the playoffs by winning four games.  However, by NCHSAA rules, a team whom plays 11 games in the season must drop a non-conference game.  So, that puts West Lincoln back in the Wildcard at 3-7.  A win over Chase this Friday will help them in ensuring a playoff bid.

However, by NCHSAA playoff rules if too many teams meet the 4-win criteria, then some teams with a low conference record would be eliminated. Both North Gaston and West Lincoln have very low conference records. The Wildcats are currently 1-5 in their conference. A win over Berry would make it 2-5. West Lincoln, on the other hand, has yet to get a conference win.

Cherryville and North Lincoln both have a shot at getting their foot in the door as they face each other this Friday.  But, only one of them will get in.  Due to some 1A schools not participating in football, the standard for 1A is different from all the other classifications.  The last place team in the conference will miss the playoffs.  So, it will be do or die for the Ironmen and the Knights this Friday as they face off in Cherryville.

Who's out?


East Lincoln 2-8(1-5)

Berry Academy 0-10(0-6)


Fred T. Foard 1-8(1-3)

Saint Stephens 0-10(1-4)


Chase 2-9(1-5)

Newton-Conover 2-9(1-5)

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