Baldwin Transfers and Reclassifies

Following his junior year, Avyd Baldwin will be taking his game to another school and another position. After starting two years at wide receiver for Burlington Williams, Baldwin will transfer to Asheville Christ School where he will man the quarterback position for the Greenies.

"Well my role will change big time," said Avyd Baldwin. "I got to be the leader and lead my team to victory now at quarterback instead of wide receiver – which is going to be a big step for me. I know I won't have a problem with it, because I like a good challenge."

The transfer will force Baldwin to reclassify to junior status, while also reuniting him with his younger brother – J.B. Baldwin a 6-foot-3, 190-pound rising sophomore, who plays defensive end and tight end.

Baldwin's transfer was spurred by academic issues and has been encouraged by the college coaching staffs that are recruiting him.

"I addressed the situation to Wake Forest," said Baldwin. "My recruiting coach Jeff Muller said it would be a good thing to do the whole reclassifying thing. I'm supposed to give UNC a call and talk to my recruiting coach [Marvin] Sanders about it."

In addition to the Demon Deacons and Tar Heels, Baldwin is also being recruited by Louisville, Virginia, Clemson, Boston College, Maryland, Illinois, and Boise State.

Although he is over a year and a half away from his Signing Day, Baldwin has begun to establish a soft list of favorites.

"I want to major in Dentistry," said Baldwin. "That put UNC and Louisville on the top of my list, but after I visited Wake Forest they rose to the top."

Baldwin attended a spring practice in Winston-Salem and was in attendance for Wake Forest's spring game. He has also unofficially visited North Carolina.

Already accepted, Baldwin will head to Asheville by mid-summer.

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