NCHSAA Makes Some Changes During Spring Meeting

CHARLOTTE--The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors held its semiannual board meeting at the Hyatt SouthPark hotel earlier this week, and there were a number of agenda items that were discussed.

As is customary, the first day of the Board meeting was devoted almost all day to committee work, during which the Board divided into those groups. The committees include policy and student services, sports, review and officiating, and finance and personnel. Then the second day of the meeting includes action items when the Board convenes and takes action on committee recommendations.

Here are some of the highlights of the Board meeting:

  • approved allowing weight room to be opened during fall, winter and spring dead periods in skill development, but it must be closed the last five student days of each semester
  • approved allowing multiple sessions for skill development in basketball only: two 45-minute sessions would be allowed on a single day for off season skill development; four players in one session, four different players in other session
  • in an attempt to alleviate problems which have occurred with teams reporting qualification or advancement in playoffs, changes were made in that policy. The conference president must report placement for the first round in team sports, similar to the format that has been used successfully in football. Failure to comply will result in a fine of $400 to the conference; after first round, the responsibility falls to the individual member school which advances, with $400 fine for failure to comply.
  • approved live kicking situations in preseason football scrimmages when officials are present; all phases of kicking may now be done live. The safety considerations when the rule was originally instituted for simulated kicking are not pertinent since the blocking rules have been changed.
  • an adjustment was made in football individual participation as a one-year experiment. A ninth or 10th-grade player who is not a starter or regular player on varsity may participate in two games a week to allow those players who have to be used as back-ups in the varsity situation to be able to have junior varsity playing experience. Varsity kickers can be position players on the jayvee team but not kick in the junior varsity game. If there is postponement until following week, player may play in junior varsity game and one other game that week. This is pending approval of the state's Sports Medicine Committee.
  • approved use of libero player in volleyball; this defensive specialist will be a national requirement in 2006, so NCHSAA adoption is to start in 2005
  • the budget and the insurance program for 2005-06 were approved, with the budget for next year slightly up to about $2,988,000; there will no changes in costs or providers of insurance
  • made several changes in wording of certain parts of the NCHSAA Handbook for clarification, including adding some additional language to define "undue influence" in trying to get students to transfer from one school to another for athletic purposes
  • noted from the ejection report that ejections were up in football but down in every other sport across the board
  • approved the policy that money from fines for 2005-06 be channeled into the endowment
  • approved long-range realignment timetable for 2009-13 and some adjustments to process; eight superintendents, one from each of the NCHSAA's eight regions, will serve on the realignment committee
  • changed a wrestling format move made in December; 1-A schools, after further checking, still do not have numbers to reclassify for the individual tournament (39 of 87 1-A schools) so 1-A and 2-A will continue to wrestle together in individual tournament. This has no impact on the dual team format

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