White Has a Plan

It's been a month since Johnny White has added a new school to his list of scholarship offers. So White, who owns tenders from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arkansas, has established a plan to determine his future school.

"I'm going to visit all of them this summer," said White. "By then I'll probably have my mind made up on where I'm going to go – unless I get some more offers."

White, a 5-foot-10, 190-pound tailback from Asheville (N.C.) will attend one-day camps at all three tendering schools. Thus far, he has only unofficially visited North Carolina's campus and wants to give each school a far shake.

"I really haven't been around South Carolina or Arkansas," said White. "I've just met one of their coaches when they came up to my school. I've been to [North] Carolina, but I'm still going to go down there this summer and see it a little more closely."

During each camp, White will focus on his interaction with the coaching staff and overall campus feel. However, when it comes time to make that decision, three factors will weigh the heaviest.

"First of all, I'm looking at the graduation rate of their athletes," said White. "Then being able to play early, and how they can use me."

White, who says everything is equal between the three schools, hopes to have his college decision squared away before the start of his senior football season.

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